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Dr. David Santos memorial site

Prof. David Anthony Santos was a professor at the Mathematics Department of the Community College of Philadelphia and a prolific author of very high quality mathematics textbooks, infused with a deep understanding of mathematics and delightful eccentricities, that were made freely available. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2011, and, so far as I know, it seems that his institution did not provide a permanent archive to his life's work. To honor Prof. Santos memory, I will host his textbooks on my personal faculty page. I urge colleagues to mirror this website, so that Prof. Santos work can outlive the dumbed down and overpriced mainstream gobledygook that is being served to our students, and to write their own free textbooks or online lecture notes.

The works below are available under the following license. You are encouraged to copy and redistribute these works. I originally mirrored Dr. Santos's notes from Dr. Joyner's archive. Later, both this page and Dr. Joyner's page have been mirrored by Dr. Schremmer, a colleague and collaborator of Dr. Santos. If you use this material on your own teaching, do not take our websites for granted. Please mirror and setup your own website.

Some of Dr. Santos books have been published posthumously by his family at a reasonable cost. Links to Amazon where you can purchase bound copies of the books are given below. Note that this does not invalidate the original open source license.

  1. D.A. Santos: Andragogic Propaedeutic Mathematics || [source] || [amazon]
  2. D.A. Santos: Difference Calculus and Generating Functions || [source]
  3. D.A. Santos: Discrete Mathematics Notes || [source] || [eps] || [amazon]
  4. D.A. Santos: Ossifrage and Algebra || [source] || [amazon]
  5. D.A. Santos: Junior Problem Seminar || [source]
  6. D.A. Santos: Linear Algebra Notes || [source]
  7. D.A. Santos: Number Theory for Mathematical Contests || [source] || [amazon]
  8. D.A. Santos: Precalculus, An Honours Course || [source] || [amazon]
  9. D.A. Santos: Calculus, once again || [source] || [amazon]
  10. D.A. Santos: Multivariable and Vector Calculus || [source]
  11. D.A. Santos: The Elements of Infinitesimal Calculus || [source] || [amazon]

Also archived is his Ph.D. thesis, advised by Prof. Hugh L. Montgomery

  1. D.A. Santos (1993): Sets of monotonicity for the Riemann Zeta Function, Ph.D. thesis (advisor: Hugh L. Montgomery)

From my own archives, I was also able to salvage the following additional textbooks:

  1. D.A. Santos: Differential Calculus || [source]
  2. D.A. Santos: Elementary Probability || [source]
Note that these two are under a more restrictive (with respect to modifications), but still fairly open license.

Dr. Santos's institution has maintained a very interesting collection of mathematis competition problems over many years.

Addendum (3/17/2015): Dr. Santos books are very difficult to compile from source, as they depend on non-standard packages, and some missing eps files. I managed to track all of the missing files down and compile from source. All files should compile from LaTeX. Some files have errors, but XeTeX can compile them, albeit very slowly, and not pefectly. This needs to be corrected. Please preserve the original pdf files as there may be other problems I haven't noticed yet. Included are setup.bat files that run under Windows, but they show the commands that you need to run to do the compilations. My setup uses a full installation of TexLive 2014. You can download all the sources here.

I am personally amazed by Dr. Santos's mastery of LaTeX and devotion in putting together this impressive work. Working with his files was very much like being a sorcerer's apprentice.

2nd addendum (04/12/2015): I reuploaded the zip file. Now all books, except for two books, can compile with LaTeX. There is a README file with more information about the broken books.

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