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Organic Chemistry Links

Virtual Textbook of Organic ChemistryLinkIcon

An excellent on-line organic chemistry textbook; by Professor William Reusch at Michigan State University.


By Professor Douglass F. Taber at University of Delaware


SynArchive : A total synthesis database

Khan AcademyLinkIcon

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. You can see many videos which give you clear explanations!

Organic Chemistry InfoLinkIcon

Useful information of organic chemistry by Professor Hans Reich at University of Wisconsin Madison

Organic SynthesisLinkIcon

A publication of reliable methods for the preparation of organic compounds

NMR Spectroscopy. Principles and Application.LinkIcon

Six second year lectures given at Imperial College by Professor Henry Rzepa.

Organic Chemistry Web Site LinksLinkIcon

ACS Organic Division made a great list for the resources of organic chemistry

Chem 206 Lecture notesLinkIcon

This course is the advanced organic chemistry that was taught by Professor David A. Evans at Harvard. This is mainly for G1 (the first graduate year) and some undergraduates take this course. Take a look of the lecture notes and try some exams!

Top 200 DrugsLinkIcon

By Professor Jón T. Njarðarson at Arizona University

Chemistry Teaching Concept Unit Lecture Graphics/TutorialsLinkIcon

By Professor Darrell J. Woodman at University of Washington

Organic chemistry at UC BerkeleyLinkIcon

UC Berkeley also posted many lectures.
You can go the organic chemistry "Aldehyde" lecture from this link. Find topics you are interested!


You can see reactions. Contributed by the University of Liverpool.

Organic Chemistry Resources WorldwideLinkIcon

Organic Chemistry GlossaryLinkIcon

Chemistry Terms: Reference Links herein

Links for Organic ChemistsLinkIcon

By Professor Matt McIntosh at University of Arkansas

Links for ChemistsLinkIcon

From the University of Liverpool.

Practice Problems


This page began at University of Wisconsin; continued at other schools. A series of short tests on numerous concepts for most chemistry subdisciplines (not only Organic). This page is from the Journal of Chemical Education.

Practice Problems at Michigan State UniversityLinkIcon

The problems are meant to be useful study tools for students involved in most undergraduate organic chemistry courses.

Evans Organic Chemistry Problems at Harvard UniversityLinkIcon

By Professor Evans at Harvard University. Try some problems!

Trauner group Organic Synthesis Problems at Munich UniversityLinkIcon

Weekly problem by Trauner's group.

Fukuyama Group Chemisty ProblemLinkIcon

You can challenge the problems---Draw the mechanism!!

Useful Links for Organic Laboratory


Chemistry Laboratory Techniques, IAP 2004. You can watch nice instruction for organic lab!

Not VoodooLinkIcon

Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Technique by Professor Alison Frontier at University of Rochester.

Pressure–Temperature Nomograph (Aldrich)LinkIcon

Interactive Pressure–Temperature Nomograph at Aldrich. You can find a boiling point under reduced pressure easily!

NMR predictorLinkIcon

NMR This page allows to predict the spectrum from the chemical structure based on "Spinus" (

Proton Chemical ShiftLinkIcon

Database of Proton NMR by Professor Hans J. Reich at University of Wisconsin, Madison

NMR Shift databaseLinkIcon

The NMRShiftDB software is open source. It allows for spectrum prediction (13C, 1H and other nuclei) as well as for searching spectra, structures and other properties.

Spectral databaseLinkIcon

This is a free site organized by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.


Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic ResorcesLinkIcon

A community for teachers and students of inorganic chemistry

Visual Elements Periodic TableLinkIcon

RSC: Interactive periodic table with element scarcity, discovery dates, melting and boiling points, group, block and period information.

Nobel Prize in ChemistryLinkIcon

Chemistry Behind CleaningLinkIcon

Link to a cleaning service company. Their collection of "chemistry behind cleaning" will be useful to explain how things can be cleaned by chemistry.