IMG_5033.jpgThe first day in the lab! Dec 2015
IMG_5050.jpgThe second day in the lab! Dec 2015
IMG_5610.jpgStudents brought a cake for Shizue’s birthday! So happy :) Feb 2016
shizue birthday 2016.jpgSelfie stick for group pics as a gift :) Feb 2016
IMG_5711.jpgFirst Group lunch at Kiki to celebrate one project is done! Feb 2016
IMG_5817.jpgKiana’s birthday! March 2016
IMG_5840.jpgGlove box and SPS arrived!!
IMG_5862.jpgby Jazmine’s polaroid camera :)
IMG_5956.jpgMarian’s birthday! Apr 2016
IMG_5948.jpgWe are pleased to announce Column Queen 2016! Marian!!
IMG_6005.jpgHugo’s Apple cheesecake for Diego’s birthday. Apr 2016
IMG_5971.jpgBrenda presented at Engaged Scholar Symposium at UTRGV, Apr 2016
IMG_6069.jpgGroup lunch at Delia's! May 2016
IMG_4740.jpgBeautiful sunset from the campus :)
IMG_6827.jpgBrenda’s 21st birthday! Celebrated with Hugo’s strawberry & chocolate cheese cakes. July 2016

Sorry! I have only this cake photo!

IMG_6830.jpgGroup lunch for bye-bye High Scholars + Welcome back Cesar & Anu @Kahn’s Grill, July 2016
IMG_6835.jpgReturned to normal operations in our lab :)
IMG_6858[2].jpgNico @Summer reserach poster session, Aug 2016
IMG_6861[2].jpgChris@Summer reserach poster session, Aug 2016
nico chris poster.jpgNico and Chris are on the "High Scholars Program" poster :) (Marian, too)
Ben's BD 2016.JPGBen's birthday! Aug 2016
Ben's cake.jpgStrawberry cheesecake for Ben's BD with 20 candles! Aug 2016
Ceser BD.JPGCesar's birthday! Sep 2016
Anu birthday 2016-2.jpgHappy 20th birthday, Anu! Nov 2016
Anu birthday 2016.jpgHappy 20th birthday, Anu! Nov 2016 (Shizue is not good at using a selfie stick)
usual Marian.jpgMarian as usual
IMG_0709.jpgPhoto session with the Engaged Scholars :)
IMG_0710.jpgPhoto session with the Engaged Scholars :) Find Shizue!
IMG_7998.JPGCan you tell which solvent was in this metal can? (Art by Ben)
IMG_8012.JPGHugo's birthday! Dec 2016
IMGP0141.jpgThe end-of-semester dinner! Dec 2016
Shizue BD17a.JPGShizue's BD! This cat balloon sings "Happy Birthday Meow Meow!" Feb 2017
Shizue BD17b.JPGGroup picture @Shizue's BD. Feb 2017
COS conference.JPGthe College of Sciences reserach poster session, March 2017
Engaged 2017-1a.jpgEngaged Scholars @ Engaged Scholar Symposium, April 2017
IMG_9118.JPGEngaged Scholar Symposium, April 2017
Engaged 2017-2.jpgEngaged Scholar Symposium, April 2017
MM Birthday.jpgMarian and Matthew's joint Birthday cake party! April 2017
May2017.jpgThe end-of-semester lunch! May 2017
Olive garden.jpgGroup lunch for bye-bye High Scholars, Amy & Vivian, Aug 2017
IMG_9793.jpegVivian@Summer reserach poster session with co-mentor, Edgar, Aug 2017
IMG_9797.jpegAmy@Summer reserach poster session with co-mentors, Kiana & Matthew, Aug 2017
IMG_9805.jpegThey got the 2nd place in Chamistry!! Aug 2017
IMG_9813.jpegSummer ended happily! Aug 2017
Kiana SOM.JPGKiana@School of Medicine Symposium poster session, Aug 2017
Ben BD 17.JPGBen's Birthday! Tres Leches made by Edgar! Aug 2017
IMG_9949.JPGBen@LSAMP Summer research academy poster session@El Paso. Sep 2017
Cesar BD.JPGCesar's Birthday! Sep 2017
IMG_0370a.jpgThe end-of-semester dinner! Everyone has strong eye beams! Dec 2017
CIMG4726a.jpgShizue gave a seminar@ Tokushima University, Japan (Host: Professor Ogasawara) Jan 2018
Shizue BD18.JPGGroup picture @Shizue's BD. Feb 2018
New lab.JPGOur lab is going to move to the new building in June! Exciting! We can hardly wait!
Matt Marian Randy.JPGRandy, Marian, and Matthew's joint Birthday cake party! April 2018