Zhijun (George) Qiao, Ph D

Presidents Endowed Professor

Ph D MSIA Program Director

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Texas  Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, TX 78539

E-mail: zhijun.qiao@utrgv.edu   URL: http://faculty.utrgv.edu/zhijun.qiao   Tel: 956-665-3406  

Online Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00pm C 3:00pm or by appointment, Location: EMAGC 3.722 or https://utrgv.zoom.us/j/2824166420

Ph D Student Advising Office Hours: Fridays 10:00am C 11:00am or by appointment

Education:   Ph.D. Institute of Mathematics, Fudan University, 02/1995-06/1997

Research Areas: Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Mathematical Physics (two monographs and 211 publications)
Research Interests:  Integrable Systems, Solitons, Inverse Problem of Maxwell Equations, Radar Image and Signal Processing,    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) image Reconstructions.

Current Research Grant Activities: 1) Presidents Endowed Research Program, and 2) PhD/PRF/DGA/GTA Research Projects in Nonlinear Sciences.


Academic Services:

Editor for Studies in Applied Mathematics

Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Advisor for SPIE UTRGV Chapter

ORCID ID orcid.org/0000-0002-5578-6181




Fall 2021 Course Schedule (Office Hours)


Subject and Course

MW:  6:30pm C 7:45pm

Classroom: EMAGC 2.208


MATH 8378.01 (Syllabus and Notes are available in the blackboard)
Inverse Problems and Image Reconstructions

F:  11:00am C1:00pm

Office: EMAGC 3.722


MATH 7300.04 (Syllabus and Notes are available in the blackboard)

Master Thesis I

MATH 7301.02 (Syllabus and Notes are available in the blackboard)
Master Thesis II


Subject and Course

T 1:30pm C 2:30pm



R 3:30pm C 5:00pm https://utrgv.zoom.us/s/83963289059


F 1:30pm C 3:00pm



F 3:00pm C 4:30pm (EMAGC 1.318)


Integrable Systems and Nonlinear Mechanics Seminar

EPP Project, Students, Faculty & Scholars



Group students & scholars


PhD/PRF/GTA Research and Advisement Seminar 

Graduate Students, Faculty & Scholars


SPIE Chapter Seminar

Students, Faculty & Scholars


Past Research Grants:

DoED Project ($666K, 2012 C 2016): GAANN: Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need. This GAANN program provides fellowships, through UTPA-MATH departments, to assist graduate students with excellent records who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in their course study at the institution in math field. GAANN application is accepted any time. Please contact zhiun.qiao@utrgv.edu if you want more information.


THECB project ($145K, 2010 C 2013) on Fourier Integral Operation and Its Applications in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Restoration. Graduate and undergraduate students are now accepted for application for spring/summer/fall 2012. For graduate students' application, click here, and for undergraduate students, click here. There is a Ph D study connected to UT-Arlington, and master students from UTPA may pursue their Ph D degrees at UT-Arlington after this program. Please contact zhijun.qiao@utrgv.edu for more information.


DoD Project ($550K, 2008 C 2012) on PDE Analysis and Radar Image Reconstruction. Graduate and undergraduate students are now accepted for application for spring/summer 2012, also see more details of our program as well as application at www.utrgv.edu/dod.  For undergraduate students, click here for the application package. For graduate students, click here. Please contact zhijun.qiao@utrgv.edu  if you want to discuss. 


Program Workshops:

2016 Fall Visiting Scholars, Faculty, and Students Workshops on Mathematics and their Applications in related fields

2015 Fall Visiting Scholar Workshop on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems with Applications in Physics and Biology (flyer)

2014 Fall Visiting Scholar Workshop on Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Their Applications in Physics and Engineering

2013 Spring Workshop Applied Analysis and Differential Equations

2012 Spring Workshop on Integrable System and Soliton

2011 Fall Workshop on Frontier Studies on Integrable Systems and Applications

2011 Summer Workshop on Applied Mathematics and Image Processing
2010 Applied Math and Analysis for Radar Data And Image Workshop

2008 Solitons and Integrable Systems Workshop 


Current Seminars: 1) Integrable System and Nonlinear Sciences Seminar, EPP/SRP Project, Students, Faculty & Scholars (Mondays 11:00am C 12:30pm); 2) Faculty-PGRA/GTA Thesis Research and Advisement Seminar, UTRGV-PGRA/GTAs, Graduate Students, Faculty & Scholars (Fridays 1:30pm C 3:00pm).

Past program seminars:

DoED-GAANN and NHARP Program Students Training and Supervision Seminars (2012 C Present)

DoD/NHARP Student Training and Supervision Seminar (2008-2012)



Previous Course Schedule click here


Courses taught in previous years:

Math 8378 C Advanced Inverse Problem and Image Reconstructions

Math 7301 - Thesis II

Math 7300 - Thesis I

Math 6399 - Special Topics: Solitons and Integrable Systems in Mathematics

Math 6399 - Special Topics: Boundary Value Problems

Math 6391 C Masters Project

Math 6378 - Inverse Problem and Image Reconstructions

Math 6369 - Mathematical Methods

Math 6363 - Integrable Systems                                                                                     

Math 6362 - Fourier Analysis

Math 6360 - Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 4391 - Research Experience in Math

Math 4390 - Math Project

Math 4346 C Integral Transforms

Math 4344 - Boundary Value Problems

Math 4342 - Complex Variables

Math 3352 - Modern Geometry I

Math 3350 - Introductions to Mathematical Proofs

Math 3341 - Differential Equations

Math 2318 - Linear Algebra

Math 2415 - Calculus III

Math 2414 - Calculus II

Math 2413 - Calculus I

Math 2412 - Pre-Calculus

Math 1325 - Business Calculus

Math 1314 - College Algebra
Math 0320 - Intermediate Algebra