Research Interests:

My current research interest is in mathematical modeling in epidemiology. I study animal and human diseases. I have also interest in some environmental problems. I use different modeling approaches like stochastic models, ODE, FDE and discrete time models.

Workshops and Conferences: TBU

Master Students: TBU

  • Currently advising four students for master thesis
  • Committee chair for one master thesis students in 2016 (defended successfully)

Undergraduate Students: TBU

  • Ruben Salinas Modeling externality of disease and poverty (Fall 2016)
  • Christian Duarte Vela Agent-based network models of paediatric disease spread and vaccination opinion diffusion under social influence (Summer 2016)
  • Oziel Pulido Statistical analysis of human organ donation disparity (Fall 2015)
  • Margarita Garza Trans-boundary meningococcal disease control (Fall 2014)
  • Antonio Vergara Bayesian homicide mapping for California state (Fall 2014)

Honor Student Project:

  • Jose Nunez Markov chain and random walk (Fall 2015)

High Scholar Summer Project:

  • Agent Based Modeling of Nosocomial MERS-CoV Epidemic (Summer 2016)