Cheng Lab | Hydro-GeoResources and Environment

Hydrogeology, Water Resources Research, Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geo-Energy, and Hazardous Waste Management


GEOL 3402 Hydrologic Systems [course flyer] 2022F; 2024-Fall
GEOL 4408 Applications of GIS
ENVR 3301 Natural Resources Conservation 2022S
ENVR 4303 Environmental Science Research Project
ENVR 4323/ENVR 5323 Soil Physics & Hydrology [course flyer] 2023F; 2025-Fall
ENVR 4370 Topics in Environmental Sciences (Applied Groundwater Hydrology) 2023S
ENVR 5370 Topics in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Flow & Contaminant Transport) 2023F
EEMS 6330 Hydrologic Systems [course flyer] 2024S
ENVR 6345 Environmental System Modeling [course flyer] 2025-Spring
CIVE 3115 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory 2022F, 2023F, 2024S
CIVE 4300 Topic: Geo-Environmental Engineering
CIVE 6345 Geo-Environmental Engineering [course flyer] 2023S; 2024-Fall

OSHA HAZWOPER 40Hours Certificate ## for environmental remediation. [photos link] Summer (since 2017~)