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Hydrogeology, Water Resources Research, Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geo-Energy, and Hazardous Waste Management

Welcome to Cheng's "Hydro-GeoResources & Environment"!

The research of my group focuses primarily on fluid flow and contaminant transport (i.e., water, oil/hydrocarbons, solutes)
in the Environment and in natural / engineered porous media over different scales (e.g., Water-Energy-Food nexus).

My graduate and undergraduate students primarily conduct field-/lab-/computer-based research that involves one or more of the following basic components: field mapping/data collection of hydrologic systems, hydro-geological data analysis, lab water and/or porous media analysis, GIS and/or numerical analysis of hdyrologic systems. Data collected serve to answer questions related to water flow and contaminant transport fate and remediation processes, groundwater-surface water interactions, and groundwater interactions with eco-systems (water availability, supply, quantity & water quality).

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Prospective Students

I am always looking for highly motivated students who are passionate about applied environmental geosciences and engineering (applied groundwater hydrology, contaminant transport, and environmental remediation). Numerous graduate support are available. I would love to talk to you about my active research projects or about your own research interests.

Before applying through graduate college portal, please email me for further information.

Current available positions (graduate and undergrad)
1. Water Resources and Groundwater Hydrology [PDF]
2. Environmental Remediation (soil & groundwater)
3. Climate-Smart Water Management (drought & flood)

Dr. Chu-Lin Cheng

Associate Professor
School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (SEEMS)
Department of Civil Engineering (CIVE) University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley Phone: 956-665-2464
Email: chulin.cheng [AT]
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Recent News

05-20-2024 -- UTRGV 24'HAZWOPER 40-HR certification (UTHC-Houston) training for environmental remediation (May 20-24).

05-17-2024 -- EPA Border 2025 proposal (Stormwater Management-Water Quality) selected for funding. Congrats to the team Drs. Kang (lead PI), Cheng & Pereira! (link)

04-09-2024 -- Congrats to Sumiaya for being selected for KU-Kansas Geologic Survey 2024 GeoHydrology Summer Internship.

03-18-2024 -- Welcome Edna to Hydro group.

02-11-2024 -- Congrats to Sumiaya for being awarded International Association of Hydrogeologist (IAH) student membership for 2024-2026 (nine students selected in U.S. National Chapter).

01-10-2024 -- Welcome Fahad to Hydro group.

10-16-2023 -- Welcome John E. to Hydro group.

09-30-2023 -- Cheng presented at 2023 Texas Hydro Geo Workshop. (13 UTRGV students attended the workshop).

09-01-2023 -- Welcome Sumiaya to Hydro group.

08-15-2023 -- John A. completed NSF/DOE GEOTHERMAL summer internship at ORNL.

08-08-2023 -- Cheng visited ORNL for collaborations.

07-27-2023 -- NASA proposal (remote-sensing data for Water-Soil-Climate) selected for funding. Congrats to the team Drs. Dong (lead PI), Pereira & Cheng! (link)

06-01-2023 -- Welcome John A. to Hydro group.

05-23-2023 -- UTRGV 23'HAZWOPER 40-HR (UTHC-Houston) training for environmental remediation.

04-05-2023 -- USDA proposal (Energy-Water) selected for funding. Congrats to the team Drs. Almeida (lead PI), Benavides & Cheng! (link)

04-01-2023 -- Welcome Brigeth to Hydro group.

02-15-2023 -- Welcome JJ to Hydro group.

12-07-2022 -- Dwight will join TWDB Water Science & Conservation as a Groundwater Modeler (Hydrologist II) in Jan. Congrats.

12-05-2022 -- Dwight passed MS thesis defense. Congrats.

11-15-2022 -- Welcome Zachary to Hydro group.

11-14-2022 -- Cheng visited Trinity University and presented at Geoscience seminar.

09-01-2022 -- DOE proposal (Soil-Water-Climate) selected for funding. Congrats to the team Drs. Kang (lead PI), Pereira, Cheng & Almeida! (link)

08-20-2022 -- Welcome Victor to Hydro group.

05-31-2022 -- Congrats to Dwight for accepting job offer (before defense/graduation). Dwight will be joining TWDB Water Science & Conservation as a Groundwater Modeler (Hydrologist II).

05-23-2022 -- UTRGV 22'HAZWOPER 40-HR (UTHC-Houston) training for environmental remediation.

04-29-2022 -- Cheng visited UN-Lincoln/Omaha and presented at CEE Water Resources & Environmental Engineering graduate seminar.

03-14-2022 -- Cheng co-hosted 2022 GSA South Central Section Annual Meeting (had to move 100% online due to COVID complications)

02-23-2022 -- USDA proposal selected for funding. Congrats to Lead PI Dr. Pereira and team! (link)

12-01-2021 -- Leslie will be joining LCRA as a Water Resources Specialist. (3+ job offers; private/public sectors) Congrats.