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Hydrogeology, Water Resources Research, Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geo-Energy, and Hazardous Waste Management

Welcome to Cheng's "Hydro-GeoResources & Environment"!

The research of my group focuses primarily on fluid flow and contaminant transport (i.e., water, oil/hydrocarbons, solutes)
in the Environment and in natural / engineered porous media over different scales (e.g., Water-Energy-Food nexus).

My graduate and undergraduate students primarily conduct field-/lab-/computer-based research that involves one or more of the following basic components: field mapping/data collection of hydrologic systems, hydro-geological data analysis, lab water and/or porous media analysis, GIS and/or numerical analysis of hdyrologic systems. Data collected serve to answer questions related to water flow and contaminant transport fate and remediation processes, groundwater-surface water interactions, and groundwater (quantity/quality) interactions with eco-systems.

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Prospective Students

I am always looking for highly motivated students who are passionate about applied environmental geosciences and engineering (applied groundwater hydrology, contaminant transport, and environmental remediation). Numerous graduate support are available. Please call or email for more information. I would love to talk to you about my active research projects or about your own research interests.

Current available positions (graduate and undergrad)
1. Water Resources and Groundwater Hydrology
2. Environmental Remediation

Dr. Chu-Lin Cheng

Associate Professor
School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (SEEMS)
Department of Civil Engineering (CIVE) University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley Phone: 956-665-2464
Email: chulin.cheng [AT]
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Recent News

12-01-2020 -- Abdullah passed MS thesis defense. Congrats.

11-05-2020 -- Congrats to Abdullah for being awarded Colorado State University Walter Scott Jr. Graduate Fellowship in addition to GRA support. Abdullah will be starting his Ph.D. study in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

10-29-2020 -- SHIP-GEO/TRESS joint section hosting Dr. Charles Werth (Civil & Environmental Engineering) for UT-Austin NSF-NRT-INFEWS Scholarships (MS/PhD opportunities in Water-Energy-Food nexus).

10-15-2020 -- Congrats to Jevon for accepting Environmental Specialist position with private sector (Austin area).

10-09-2020 -- Sheng's manuscript TiO2 for water remediation accepted for publication. Congrats.

10-01-2020 -- Congrats to Leslie for winning regional competition for Graduate Research Grant (GCAGS).

08-17-2020 -- UTRGV 20'HAZWOPER 40-HR (UTHC-Houston) training for environmental remediation.

08-01-2020 -- Cheng promoted to Associate Professor.

07-25-2020 -- Welcome Dwight to the group.

05-13-2020 -- Congrats to SHIP-GEO scholar cohorts for their Summer 2020 national competitive internships/fellowships. Paola G. (SHIP-GEO scholar cohort#2), NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP). Jevon H. (SHIP-GEO scholar cohort#2), UT-Austin Environmental Science Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

05-10-2020 -- Congrats to SHIP-GEO scholar cohorts for their Fall 2020 graduate school admission with scholarships or assistantships. Gladys (SHIP-GEO#1), AESS; Mia (SHIP-GEO#2), Geological Sciences, UTEP; Lilly (SHIP-GEO#2), AESS; Aaron (SHIP-GEO#3), AESS; Lauren (SHIP-GEO#4), AESS.

04-20-2020 -- Congrats to Sara (SHIP-GEO first-cohort) for her MS/PhD admission to Environmental and Water Resource Engineering at UT-Austin with INFEWS Scholars Fellowship.

04-16-2020 -- Leslie, Abdullah and Syed awarded additional scholarship. Congrats!

03-09-2020 -- Leslie and Cheng presented at GSA 2020 South-Central Section Meeting, Fort Worth, TX.

03-06-2020 -- Jevon being selected for the very competitive UT-Austin 2020 Environmental Science Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Program (with stipend, travel, and housing). Congrats!

03-06-2020 -- Krish's proposal being selected for Engaged Scholar Award (ESA'20). Congrats!

02-24-2020 -- Cheng visited Colorado (CUB/FRCC) for NSF-PRIMERS.

02-10-2020 -- Cheng guest-lectured "Geo-Environmental Engineering" for Intro to Civil Engineering.

01-27-2020 -- Welcome Krish to the group.

11-15-2019 -- Cheng invited to talk at Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar (Water-Energy-Food nexus).

11-05-2019 -- Congrats to Abdullah for being awarded CHI University grant for water resource management.

10-28-2019 -- Dr. Charles Werth of University of Texas-Austin (Civil & Environmental Engineering) visited for SHIP-GEO and TRESS.

10-05-2019 -- Cheng presented at 2019 Texas Hydro Geo Workshop. (new record of having 24 UTRGV students attended the workshop)

09-23-2019 -- Cheng presented at GSA 2019 Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.

08-19-2019 -- Congrats to 4 SHIP-GEO Scholarship students (CIVE/ENVR), who completed their 2019 summer paid internship/research training from MIT, Stanford, and USDA NRCS (TRESS led).

06-26-2019 -- DoD HBCU/MI proposal selected for funding.

06-24-2019 -- Cheng invited to talk and co-chair session at the International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts (ICEO&SI), NCKU (Taiwan).

06-17-2019 -- Congrats to Sheng for successfully passing his master thesis defense.

06-17-2019 -- Jevon attended training workshop in integrating Geoscience and Data Science at UCAR (hosted by UT-Austin & CUB), Boulder, CO.

06-07-2019 -- Congrats to Andreas for her summer full-time position at LDA Engineering before starting M.S. program at UIUC (Fall'19).

06-03-2019 -- Chevron-DOS Argentina project team exchange Week#1 at UTRGV (Engergy & Water Resources Management).

05-30-2019 -- Cheng presented at Texas Water Research Network meeting at Environmental Science Institute, UT-Austin.