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LaTeX resources

LaTeX documentation

  1. The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
  2. Userís Guide for the amsmath Package
  3. RevTeX 4 Authorís Guide
  4. RevTeX 4 Command and Options Summary
  5. The calc package: Infix notation arithmetic in LaTeX
  6. The geometry package
  7. The ifthen package
  8. The natbib package
  9. The pdfpages package
  10. Manual for the prosper class
  11. The titlesec and titletoc Packages

Annual evaluation folder template

These are unofficial LaTeX templates for preparing the Annual Merit reports. The templates automate the creation of the cover page and automate the calculation of the student evaluation statistics directly from the raw data. You can attach the student evaluation coversheets if you scan them into pdf format. In that case, you must use pdflatex to compile your file. The files should be self-explanatory.

Letter template

Memorandum template

Exam style file

This is a copy of the style file that I use to prepare exams.