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Welcome to the Multiphase Transport Lab (MTL) under the direction of Dr. Ben Xu in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.



Our research focuses on developing novel numerical and experimental techniques to investigate the multiphase transport phenomenon in thermal fluidic systems. Current research focuses on multiphase heat transfer in porous structures, heat transfer modeling of Selective Laser Melting process, and bubble/jet generation/form in Bio3D printing.


Interested in joining us?


I am looking for highly motivated students (undergraduate and graduate), who are passionate about energy applications and applied numerical heat transfer/fluid mechanics. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning more about our works.

Recent news and highlights in MTL


2-21-2020 Congratulation to Shaddi, who won the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award of Mechanical Engineering in National E-Week Banquet!


1-20-2020 Welcome Mathew Farias to join MTL!


1-13-2020 Welcome Keandra Garza to join MTL!


1-6-2020 Dr. Xu’s paper “Energy and exergy analysis of a novel multiple-effect vapor chamber distillation system for high-salinity wastewater treatment” published on Desalination and water treatment.


12-14-2019 Aibek Bekkulov and Dr. Xu’s paper “Experimental study of condensation in a thermoacoustic cooler with various 3D printed regenerators using water vapor as the working fluid” published on ASME Journal of Energy Resource Technologies.


12-4-2019 Jie Qu and Dr. Xu’s paper “Experimental study of evaporation and crystallization of brine droplets under different temperatures and humidity levels” published on International Communication of Heat and Mass Transfer.