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Zen Faulkes

Art by Ethan Kocak.

The lost tomb of Zen Faulkes

Zen Faulkes (and his website) have moved!

The new home page is I will be losing all access to this page on 6 December 2021 and have no idea how long it might remain available.

I am not removing this page entirely in case some people come here looking for the archived PDFs below.


Faulkes Z. 2006. The locomotor toolbox of spanner crabs, Ranina ranina (brachyura, Raninidae). Crustaceana 79(2): 143-155.
PDF, courtesy of Brill.

Faulkes Z. 2012. Presentation Tips (ebook). Kindle Direct Publishing.

Faulkes Z. 2014. A new southern record for a sand crab, Lepidopa websteri Benedict, 1903 (Decapoda, Albuneidae). Crustaceana 87(7): 881-885.
PDF, courtesy of Brill.


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