Donate to Ecuador

April 22, 2016

What Ecuador needs more than anything else are donations. Not supplies (though some places Stateside are taking collections and shuttling them to Ecuador with the help of some airlines) but money. There are a host of options, from large international relief organizations to smaller, often community-specific, kickstarter-like funds. Below is an incomplete list of the organization that have come across my news feeds in the past few days. I can't speak specifically to the efficacy of the various organizations (though many of the crowdsourced funding projects are organized by colleagues of mine, who I do trust), but hope there will be at least one in here that you will feel comfortable donating to.

  • Cruz Roja/Ecuadorian Red Cross for medical and emergency needs
  • Ecuadorian National Government Established Accounts in the US for Risk Management

    Account name: Bank of America NY, Swift Code: BOFAUS3N, Under the name: CCU SECRETARIA GESTIÓN RIESOGS/PLANTA CENTRAL, checking account number: 01121807

  • United Nations Development Program

    Bank of America--USA, Account number: 3751560139, Name: UNDP REPRESENTATIVE IN ECUADOR, Swift code: BOFAUS3N, ACH, Routing number: 111000012

  • Funds to support abandoned animals:

    Fundación Camino a Casa, Savings account/cuenta de ahorros Banco Del Pichincha: 6085452300, RUC: 1792329930001, PayPal:

  • Long-term savings account established by USFQ to support later rebuilding efforts and long-term support. Deposits can be made to the following account:

    Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Banco Bolivariano, Account/cuenta de ahorros: 1645003014, Swift Code: BBOLECEG500

  • United Nations Development Programme
  • World Food Program
  • OXFAM America
  • World Vision
  • Jama Recovery Fund
  • La Poderosa Media Project Bahía de Caráquez Fund
  • Puerto Cabuya Fund
  • Canoa Relief Fund
  • Global Shapers Quito
  • A list of approved charities maintained by the Better Business Bureau