Dr. Saldivar

Manuel G. Saldivar, Ph.D.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Psychological Science
BMAIN 1.414 ยท (956) 465-1796

About Dr. Saldivar

Manuel G. Saldivar is a psychologist and educator with over 15 years' experience. Besides UTRGV, Dr. Saldivar has held teaching and research positions at the University of Colorado, Florida State University, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Courses Taught

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    PSYC 2301 - General Psychology

  • An introduction to the discipline of psychology as a natural science and as an applied social science. This course includes topics such as the biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, learning and memory, emotions, personality, abnormal psychology, therapy, developmental and social psychology. Previous course numbers: PSYC 2301 replaces the previous PSY 1310 Introductory Psychology course.

  • PSYC 2302 - Basic Statistics for Psychology

  • A practical study of the procedures used in handling psychological data including descriptive statistics, central tendency, variation, correlation and inference. Equivalent Course: May be counted as ANTH 2401; a student may receive credit in only one course. Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or higher (except MATH 1350 and 3 hours of the following: PSYC 2301, ANTH 2351, ANTH 1324 or ANTH 2302.

  • PSYC 3325 - Research Methods in Psychology

  • This course provides a lecture-laboratory approach to learning the scientific methodology of empirical psychological research. Basic principles and methods of research design, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis and result interpretation are covered in this course. Prerequisite: PSYC 2301 and PSYC 2401.

  • PSYC 3337 - Developmental Psychology

  • The field of developmental psychology is an overview of the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and personality domains of the changes that occur over time. The course focuses on normal development from conception through death. Traditional and theoretical perspectives are reviewed. Prerequisites: PSYC 2301.