Survey on SMSS Ph.D. Proposal

The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley proposes to offer a PhD degree in Mathematics and Statistics with Interdisciplinary Applications in the near future. We would greatly appreciate your time in providing your views and perceptions regarding this endeavor.

The proposed program will be comprehensive with specializations in Pure & Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, and Statistics focusing on the needs of underrepresented populations especially learners in the Rio Grande Valley, and is designed to meet the needs of students interested in a wide range of careers including those in academia, industry and government. An important characteristic of the proposed program is its interdisciplinary emphasis with applications that cut across biological, environmental, life, physical and social sciences, engineering, medicine, and finance. Hence student dissertations will encompass theoretical and applied research as well as the discovery and implementation of effective mathematical models and advanced data analysis methods to address important interdisciplinary problems in agriculture, business, environment, engineering, healthcare, and medicine. Therefore, students in the proposed Ph.D. program will gain a deep understanding of the mathematical and statistical sciences at the interface of applied disciplines that will enable them to become professionals with ability to function in multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary settings in academia, industry, and government.

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