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A Mathematical Perspective: Data for the early outpatient treatment of COVID-19

This is an abbreviated short presentation summarizing my statistical analysis of case series that provide evidence in support of both Zelenko's protocol and McCullough's protocol for early outpatient trestment of COVID-19. The presentation should be accessible to undergraduate students and the focus is more conceptual and less mathematical. This presentation was originally prepared for an invited short guest lecture in an undergraduate course in the area of health sciences.

For more details, you can now read:

E. Gkioulekas, P.A. McCullough, V. Zelenko: "Statistical analysis methods applied to early outpatient COVID-19 treatment case series data", COVID 2(8) (2022), 1139-1182
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Disclaimer: This presentation does not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the University of Texas -- Rio Grande Valley, but it is protected under Academic Freedom in Research and the 1st Amendmend of the United States Constitution.