We are born capable of greatness. It's when we allow ourselves to
become discouraged, to see ourselves as failures, when we fail to
recognize our inherent nobility, that we grow small, and diminish, and
ultimately sacrifice our dreams on the altar of more realistic
expectations of ourselves.

When that happens, we forget who we are, what we are here for, and
what we want to achieve, knowledge that is always within us...until we
choose not to remember it any longer because the memory pains us, and
because it is easier to settle for less than our dreams demand of us.

Children sing and dance spontaneously, tell stories without fear,
reveal their thoughts without inhibition, and reach for what logic
tells us should be unattainable. That is who and what we are in our
most elemental form. We do, we explore, we ask questions; we pursue
our heart's desires, we dream of achieving greatness. But as time
passes, we learn fear, we learn to second-guess ourselves, and we
learn to suspect our abilities and our desires. We are told that some
people tell stories, some people dance, and some people sing, but
these things are not for everyone. When we try to express our
innermost thoughts, we are told to be quiet, that no one wants to hear
what it is we have to say, and that even if they did want to hear it,
what we say has no innate value. When we lose the spark of spontaneity
that was born inside us, which is our greatest gift, we progressively
eliminate the possibility of finding joy and purpose, and inch by
inch, our dreams slip away from us.

If we are to be who we are, and what we are; if we are to accomplish
great things, then we must learn the heart's most essential rule:
Never Surrender Dreams.

by J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5