Dr. Aaron T. Wilson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

(965) 665-2264

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Experimental Algebra and Geometry Lab




Current Research Interests

        Impacts of Mathematics Outreach

o   When college students engage public school students in mathematics outreach who gets the benefit, why and how? What impact does this kind of activity have on studentsí mathematical identities?


        Preparation of Mathematics Teachers

o   How do effective mathematics teachers of emergent bilingual students know and teach mathematics, and what experiences in college can help preservice teachers to gain this knowledge?


        Statistics Education

o   How do college/dual enrollment statistics instructors perceive confidence intervals versus p-values as tools for making statistical inference and how do these perceptions impact their teaching and their studentsí appreciation for and understanding of statistics?


Current Teaching

        MATE 3304: Fundamentals of Algebraic Structures

        MATE 3344: Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics


Curriculum Vitae