Fall 2018
CSCI/CMPE 2380: Computer Science II
9:25--10:40 Tue, Thur

EEDUC 2.102C

Lab: TBD
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley


This is a second programming course that includes problem solving by structured design; provides an introduction to elementary data structures, including linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs, and advanced programming techniques, including recursion, sorting and searching. Prerequisites: CSCI/CMPE 1370 or consent of instructor.  Cannot receive credit for both CSCI 2380 and CMPE 2380.

class syllabus




Robert Schweller
Office: ENGR 3.294
Phone: (office) 956-665-2667  (cell) 773-456-1722
Email: schwellerr@gmail.com
URL: http://faculty.utrgv.edu/robert.schweller/
Office Hours: Tue, Thur 11:00-12:00, Wed 10:00-12, or by appointment


Teaching Assistant:


Michael Aldaba: michael.aldaba01@utrgv.edu


C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures, 7th edition, D. S. Malik, ISBN 9781133526322, Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2013.


Supplemental Material

Class Notes

C++ reference: http://www.cplusplus.com/


A guide to using the Standard Template Library (STL): http://www.sgi.com/tech/stl/


Weekly Reading Assignments and Problem Sets:

  • Week 1: Review of CS1: Review Chapters 1-8, hwk0 (due 1/19), hwk1 (due 1/23), hwk2, (due 1/25) hwk3 (due 1/30), hwk4 (due 2/1)
  • Week 2: Classes: Read Chapter 10-Classes and Data Abstraction.
  • Week 3: Classes continued, Stacks and Queues: Read Chapters 17
  • Week 4: Exam1 (focus: CS1 items, classes, stacks and queues) (2-6).  Min-heap priority queues, Read Chapter 13
  • Week 5: Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Dynamic 2D arrays: hwk5 (due 2/20), hwk6: unlock vector class (due 2/22), Read Chapter 12
  • Week 6: Linked Lists: Read Chapter 16.
  • Week 7: Linked Lists continued.  Hwk7 (due 3/1), Hwk8 (due 3/8)
  • Week 8: Exam2 (focus: pointers, dynamic memory allocation, singly linked lists, doubly linked lists) (3/6)
  • Week 9:  Recursion: Read Chapter 15, Hwk9 (due 3/22) hwk10 (due/29)
  • Week 10: Searching and Sorting: Read Chapter 18 hwk11 (4/3)
  • Week 11: Asymptotic notation, Binary Search Trees, Read Chapter 19
  • Week 12: Exam 3 (focus: searching and sorting algorithms, recursion, linked lists, binary search trees) (4/10)
  • Week 13: Binary Search Trees continued, hwk12 (4/19), Graphs.
  • Week 14: Graphs, graph algorithms, Read Chapter 20 hwk13
  • Week 15:
  • Week 16: Final Exam (everything you can imagine)